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Enhance Your Life with Neuroscience

Discover the power of neuroscience to optimize your personal, relational, and business life! We aim to empower you with the insights and resources necessary to enhance every facet of your life.

Unlock your full potential, explore services, and engage with our passionate team. Embark on a journey of personal growth through the realms of neuroscience, cognitive psychology, behavioral modeling, psychosynthesis, and neurolinguistic programming to disentangle subconscious mechanisms, and blocks, eliminate the barriers and obstacles preventing you from attaining your deepest desires, and ensure lasting transformation personally and professionally. 

About Me

Nichole is the owner of NeuroTransformational Group and a Licensed Professional and Nationally Board-Certified Counselor (NCC).  She has been deeply involved in her community providing neuro counseling, consulting, psychoeducation training, and workshops.  Nichole specializes in trauma with a diplomate-level credentialing at the American Academy of Traumatic Experts (DAAETS).  She also has completed Certifications as a Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP), a Neuroscience Certificate for Clinical Practice, a Neuropsychotherapy Certification (NPT-C), and is an NLP Master Practitioner.  Nichole completed a Trauma-Sensitive Heart Math Certified Practitioner program from the Heart Math Institute to measure and facilitate biofeedback and lasting change. 

Nichole's expertise has earned her recognition in the field, as she has provided training, and workshops, and has been a speaker, and interviewed by various events and organizations, including Counseling Today Magazine, The Grief & Trauma Conference at the University of Missouri-Saint Louis, the Community Services Summit- St. Charles, Brightstar Nursing Care & Healing Touch Saint Louis Nursing Network, and the Saint Charles Fire Departments. Her insights and training focus on practical neuroscience in clinical practice, neurodevelopment, attachment, PTSD/Trauma (trauma-informed care), and resilience building.

Nichole Oliver LPC, NCC, NPT-C, DAAETS
Psychotherapist, Trauma Specialist, NeuroLeader & mBIT Certified Trainer


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Meet our Team of  Collaborators 

Training & Consulting Soultions



mBIT Coach Certification 4-Day In-Person Course 

Immerse yourself into the world of mBraining – Multiple Brain Integration Techniques (mBIT). This 4-day course is your gateway to personal development and neural integration. It's a versatile coaching modality that can stand alone or complement other approaches seamlessly.

Our training meets mBraining International's certification standards, offering insights from the latest neuroscience to enrich your personal, professional, and relational growth. Discover a toolkit that naturally enhances neuroplasticity, fosters personal neural integration, and elevates your connections with others.

mBraining combines neuroscience, behavioral modeling, cognitive-linguistics, and intuition to unlock the potential of your multiple brains for heightened intelligence and wisdom.

Ideal for coaches, counselors, trainers, chiropractors, yoga instructors, educators, leaders, managers, mentors, and small business owners

 NeuroLeadership Workshops & NeuroBusiness Group

In today's rapidly changing world, decision-making has become more complex and volatile than ever. This training equips you with powerful techniques to:

  • Lead complex emergent change

  • Enhance decision-making clarity, confidence, and trust

  • Overcome mind biases and blind spots

  • Harness intuitive intelligence from others

  • Tap into the 9 Prime Functions for diverse abilities

  • Understand the 5 classes of mBIT Neural Integration Constraints

  • Achieve stress relief with 'mBIT Balanced Breathing'

  • Utilize the 'mBIT Foundational Sequence' for generative decision-making

  • Access the 'Highest Expressions' of multiple brains for wiser decisions

Join our NeuroBusiness Group to connect and thrive in this dynamic landscape.



Psychosynthesis: Neuroscience-Driven Trauma Solutions

Discover a holistic approach to psychology and therapy through Psychosynthesis. This model explores the convergence of psychological and spiritual perspectives, fostering growth and relationships on various levels – within oneself, with others, and with the Higher Self. Psychosynthesis goes beyond the subconscious, encompassing the superconscious, the source of our higher values.

Embrace your uniqueness and life's purpose with Psychosynthesis. It values human potential exploration and validates a wide range of experiences, including developmental challenges, trauma, compulsions, and existential questions. Whether it's creativity, peak performance, or a spiritual quest, Psychosynthesis helps you find meaning and direction in life.

Empower yourself with our Trauma Centered Training. Gain the knowledge and skills to compassionately assist trauma survivors. Our training covers physical, psychological, and social aspects of trauma, emphasizing the creation of a safe and supportive environment. We customize our programs to meet individual and organizational needs.





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Our mission is to inspire and empower the continuous improvement of individuals and organizations with neuroscience to achieve transformational change through psychoeducation, collaboration, innovation, and a service mindset.

Our vision is to stand at the forefront of neuro-optimization, trauma-informed practices and relationship-focused personal and professional leadership through neurotransformational techniques.


Our goal is to lead by helping both individuals and organizations elevate their performance, nurture resilience, and promote well-being. By integrating neuroscience principles, we are dedicated to paving the path toward a future marked by enduring, impactful and deeper understanding, increased knowledge, lasting change at a subconscious level and meaningful transformation.

Mission. vision. goals. 

  1. To foster a culture of collaboration, continuous improvement, and curiosity, where diverse perspectives are valued, and experimentation is encouraged.

  2. To innovate and deliver exceptional Neuro-optimal services with integrity, always striving to exceed our clients' expectations for a greater impact on a microlevel and a macrolevel.

  3. To make a difference in the lives of individuals and organizations, driven by a passion for uplifting others and a persistent commitment to excellence.

  4. To cultivate self-improvement and self-actualization, by embracing feedback and learning from challenges and successes that are neuroscience-informed.

  5. We recognize the importance of trauma-informed care and the impact it has on self-regulation, attachment, neurodevelopment, relationships, individuals and organizational goals. Therefore, we aim to provide trauma-informed training services that promote knowledge and foster  a deeper awareness of self, personality, patterns, co-regulation, enhance relationship-building skills, and innovative problem resolution while supporting organizations in expanding their abilities, and achievements aligned with company goals.

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