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   Neuro Technology Tools


At NeuroTransformational Group we offer a range of NeuroTechnology services, including a Braintap headset with isochronic tones and the exclusive HRV BrainTap Diagnostic, Heartmath Technologies, Medical Massage Chair with AI, Apollo Neuro, and FocusCalm. These services use biofeedback and neurofeedback to help you reduce stress, improve focus, enhance creativity, unlock your full potential transform your life, and achieve your goals. You can utilize these services with us and/or purchase them for your own use.


Mix & Match Services with a Monthly Subscription 


Advanced 4D Massage Mechanism, SL Long Track Neck-to-Buttock Massage, Program Customization, Calf & Foot 3D Massage, Automatic Footrest Extension, Zero Gravity Massage, Tai Stretch, Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Variability, Touch Screen Remote, Quick Access Buttons, Voice Command Control, Wireless Charging, AI Technology & Bluetooth Surround Sound.


BrainTap is a revolutionary neuro-training tool designed to help you reach peak performance. Its sophisticated neuro-algorithm produces brainwave training with no user effort, synchronizing your brainwaves to a specialized sound.

BrainTap: The Ultimate Neuro-Training Tool.


  • Effortless Brainwave Training

  • Maximum Neuroplasticity

  • Enhanced Mental Performance

The BrainTap headset:

  • Cutting-Edge Brain Wellness Tech

  • Combines Light and Sound for Deep Relaxation

  • Boosts Mind/Body Balance, Focus, and Learning

In a single session, enjoy:

  • 38.5% Lower Stress

  • 27.3% Improved Neurological Markers

  • Enhanced Heart Rate Variability

  • Increased Parasympathetic Activity

  • Better Sleep Quality

  • Fewer Migraines

  • Reduced Stress and Improved Brain Health

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HRV Diagnostic & Brain Entrainment

The NeuroTransformational Group is proud to offer the HRV Diagnostic Device, a sophisticated piece of technology that measures heart rate variability to offer insight into the state of your nervous system. Uncover the details of your sympathetic and parasympathetic response, psycho-emotional state, stress responses, and adaptation receptivity. With the HRV Diagnostic, you can gain comprehensive knowledge of your body’s brain and nervous system functionality.

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Heartmath EMWave Pro- Biofeedback

The Heartmath emWave Pro is an innovative tool that helps individuals to achieve greater emotional balance and resilience. It measures Heart Rate Variability (HRV) to indicate how your emotional states affect your nervous system and helps you to gain insight into your body's stress levels. With its Inner Balance™ Trainer, you can learn techniques to manage stress, revitalize energy, and restore mental and emotional balance. This NeuroTransformational tool is a great choice for those seeking to improve their wellbeing.

Neurofeedback Coming Soon!

     NeurOptimal & BrainAvitar

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